“So what?” : what do my actions change for beneficiaries and other stakeholders? KiMSO offers you the tools and means to answer these questions.


Through consulting, training, external or internal evaluation, we help organizations improve and highlight their social impact. Our clients are corporates, foundations, charities, public or private investment funds tackling social issues. We act at different stages: from project design to scale up.


With qualitative, quantitative and monetary methods, we assess and measure the changes induced by your intervention and help you increase the impact you create through our strategic analysis.

Created in 2014, KiMSO has already led over 150 projects with various clients. The two co-founders, Octavie Baculard and Emeline Stievenart, are passionate about social impact assessment.


In 2010, Emeline started working as the social impact assessment topic expert at ESSEC Business School. Ever since, she trained and advised hundreds of entrepreneurs and project holders.


In 2005, Octavie founded Volonteer to promote employee engagement within large businesses.


Since 2014, together, they have been promoting impact, sharing common values of empathy, engagement and effectiveness. These values drive our daily work, and have led KiMSO to become B-Corp in April 2018.


The team has in-depth expertise in various sectors and is qualified in several methods and domains, from business management, to sociology and statistics. We use this range of expertise to help you assess and improve your impact.

Our offers

Internal evaluation

  • Support in building an evaluation framework and creating follow-up tools

  • Indicator quality assurance, data collection and data analysis


  • Transmitting the key skills on how to assess social impact by yourself

External evaluation

  • Project assessment to understand, measure and value the impact on key stakeholders of your project

  • Assessment methods : interviews, observations, surveys, indicators, statistical comparisons, cost-avoidance estimates, Social Return On Investment


  • Consulting expertise integrated to the evaluation of projects to give both strategic and operational advice

Fields of expertise



Financial insecurity

Digital devide

Impact investing

Teaching innovations


Fuel poverty



Equal opportunities


Social impact bonds


Local territories



Women empowerment


Employees involvement